“And Just Like That…”: That’s what Kim Cattrall asked for her cameo

“And Just Like That…”
That’s what Kim Cattrall requested for her cameo

Kim Cattrall has reprised her Samantha Jones role.

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Just like that, Kim Cattrall didn’t reprise her role as Samantha. For her cameo in “And Just Like That…” she had demands.

For a cameo in the second season of the HBO series “And Just Like That…” Kim Cattrall (66) will actually slip back into her “Sex and the City” role of Samantha Jones. However, the actress is said to have expressed two specific conditions for her cameo, as an insider told Page Six.

Accordingly, Cattrall is said to have refused to stand in front of the camera again with her old co-stars Sarah Jessica Parker (58), Kristin Davis (58) and Cynthia Nixon (57). That would also agree with the reporting of several US media in the past few days. Accordingly, Cattrall’s character Samantha will only be on the phone with Carrie Bradshaw (Parker) in the season two finale. According to “Variety” she was filming the March 22 scene in New York City “without seeing or speaking to the stars of the series”.

Second, the actress is said to have made it clear that she didn’t want to see showrunner Michael Patrick King either. King also directed the series “Sex and the City” and the two films that followed it. Cattrall has made it clear in the past that she doesn’t want to return to the franchise. Samantha Jones, who now lives in London, was only involved in the first season of the new series through text messages she exchanged with Carrie.

“And Just Like That…” from June 22 on Sky

In Germany, the new season of “And Just Like That…” can be seen on Sky and the Wow streaming service from June 22nd. The other episodes always appear on Thursdays. In the US, the second season will be shown on the Max streaming service.


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