“And Just Like That…”: The first pictures of Carrie and Aidan are here!

“And Just Like That…”
The first pictures of Carrie and Aidan are here!

Are Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Aidan (John Corbett) getting back together in ‘And Just Like That…’?

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Fans have been waiting for this for months: the first pictures of Carrie and Aidan together in “And Just Like That…” have been published.

After months of speculation and rumours, HBO Max has finally confirmed the return of John Corbett (61) aka Aidan Shaw on the “Sex and the City” spin-off “And Just Like That…”. On Instagram fans can get a first look at the reunion of Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker, 57) and the furniture designer in the second season, which is still in production. And the snapshots reveal another detail…

You can see Sarah Jessica Parker and John Corbett in their well-known series roles in the middle of a street in New York City. Both wear outfits that match their characters: Corbett, for example, a simple combination of blue jeans and a practical wax jacket, Parker, of course, a stylish ensemble of high velvet boots, a violet blouse dress, a checked jacket and a pink cape.

Carrie and Aidan hold hands

However, their looks quickly fade into the background, because it is much more striking that the two are holding hands. As hoped by many fans, Carrie and Aidan could become a couple again after the death of Mr. Big (Chris Noth, 68) in the first season. “Psst. Don’t tell anyone,” the post says.

It is not yet clear when the new episodes will appear. Since March 2022 it has been clear that there will be a second season of “And Just Like That…”. It has been repeatedly reported that Corbett will slip back into his “SATC” role, but it has never been officially confirmed.


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