Andie MacDowell embraces gray hair on Vogue cover


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American actress Andie MacDowell is on the front page of the last issue of Vogue Poland magazine dated October 2021. But the star of this cover is ultimately her salt and pepper hair that she takes on naturally.

It was through a post by makeup artist Pati Dubroff that we discovered the latest cover of the magazine Vogue Poland which honors the actress and former American model Andie MacDowell. The renowned make-up artist, who took care of the makeup of the 63-year-old star for this One dated October 2021, did not fail to underline the courage (and revenge on the patriarchy) of the actress who has recently assumed natural with salt and pepper hair.

And if for this transition to white hair, she did not have the blessing of her agent, there is no doubt that it is precisely this liberating capillary bias that puts her back on the front of the stage people, and who is the real star of >> this cover of Vogue << (also visible on in larger format).
On the latter, Andie MacDowell displays almost full page her voluminous hair that is both graying and curly. The hairstyle of the star, which we owe to hair stylist John D, focuses on the natural movement of the hair in the wind of the ex-model, without trying to transform their nature. a flagrant tribute to the assumed gray hair of the actress.


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This choice, inherited from the natural evolution of his hair during confinement, the actress of Four Weddings and a Funeral explained it to the magazine US Vogue last July, shortly after causing a sensation in Cannes by walking the red carpet without having camouflaged his white hair with coloring beforehand: “When I was in my early 40s my white hair started showing up and every time my kids saw me with it they would tell me they thought I was baddass. When I pulled them up into a bun, that’s all you could see: my salt and pepper hair, which is what it is: black and white. “.

Andie MacDowell: She also assumes her wrinkles on the cover of Vogue

For this One of Vogue Poland, Andie MacDowell was certainly made up by Pati Dubroff, but the actress did not appear to be touched up to the point where you can no longer see her wrinkles. Elegant with her assumed gray hair and sublimated by a natural make-up, she not only frees herself from coloring but also from excessive retouching in revealing itself with its fine lines and wrinkles. One more proof of the freedom to be yourself naturally that she claims.

This blanket and the actress’ inspiring state of mind make us want to finally be ourselves at any age, especially after 60.

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