Andor: it took 45 years to have the first swear word in a Star Wars!

A swear word has been uttered in the “Andor” series, a first in Star Wars history in 45 years!

Hide this swear word that I can’t hear… For the first time in forty-five years, a swear word has been uttered in a Star Wars production, in this case in the Andor series, to follow on Disney + since September 21 .

To the surprise of viewers, the word “hit” (“shit” in French, editor’s note) came out of the mouth of one of the Imperial soldiers. If this is not the most vulgar swear word in the Anglo-Saxon lexicon, never before has such a word been heard in a Star Wars film or series, further proof that Andor is addressed to a more adult and mature audience than other television works in the franchise.

Among the other revolutions brought by Andor, an explicit sex scene (without nudity). If couples have formed many times in the Star Wars saga, and there are now countless kissing scenes, never before has the intimacy of a couple been shown in this way by a franchise production!

Episodes of the Star Wars Andor series are available every Wednesday exclusively on the Disney+ platform.

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