Andor on Disney+: “the best Star Wars production since The Empire Strikes Back” according to enthusiastic fans

The tenth episode of “Andor” has generated many positive reactions on social networks, with some fans not hesitating to rank the Disney+ series among the best Star Wars productions since the original trilogy!

“The best Star Wars production since The Empire Strikes Back.” It is an understatement to say that fans loved the tenth episode of the Andor series, unveiled this Wednesday, November 9 by Disney+. Confirming that the new Star Wars production is indeed at the top of the basket of series produced by the streaming platform!

“I believe Andor is the best Star Wars production since The Empire Strikes Back. The tone of the series is terrifying, coupled with intricate writing. The series is more like George Orwell’s 1984 or THX-1138, than other Disney/Lucasfilm series.”

As a reminder, Andor is a prequel to the film Rogue One, dedicated to the youth of Cassian Andor, a simple outlaw brought to become a major figure in the Alliance against Palpatine’s Empire. Chronologically, the series therefore takes place between the prelogy (Episodes I – II – III) and the original trilogy (Episodes IV – V – VI) signed George Lucas.

Episode 10 wowed fans in more ways than one. First of all, the escape plan imagined by Andor and Kino Loy was put into execution. If the insurrection was a success, the episode was brilliantly concluded when the prisoners discovered that their prison was located in the open sea.

Kino’s hopes of freedom were then dashed when he revealed that he could not swim: one way or the other, it is therefore death that seems to reach out to him. Many fans praised Andy Serkis’ performance as follows:

“One. Only. Release. Andy Serkis arrived on air in the Andor series as a surprise guest, ultimately delivering one of the finest performances of any Star Wars production. A legend. And what an accomplishment in of narration and direction of actors in this episode.”

“Why is this man, his face, his eyes, so often covered in digital effects? Andy Serkis is amazing and should appear more often with his face uncovered!”

But that’s not all since another actor distinguished himself during this episode. Unsurprisingly, it is obviously Stellan Skarsgård. In the role of the rebellious double agent Luthen Rael, the Swedish actor bursts the screen. And his final monologue from episode 10 revealed an even darker side of his character.

Faced with the defection of one of his agents, Luthen launched into a discourse on the notion of sacrifice. “I put my life on fire so that the sun can rise, knowing that I will no longer be there to see it with my own eyes” declares the latter in a magnificent sequence, written by the experienced screenwriter Beau Willimon (the creator of House of Cards).

“Luthen Rael saying, ‘I need all the heroes I can get,’ and going on that scene with Cassian and Melshi single-handedly changed the course of my life.”

“After watching it a second time, Luther’s monologue on the notion of sacrifice is just amazing. Written and performed as if it were Shakespeare. In a Star Wars series. Simply amazing. SPOILER ALERT.” (quotes from the monologue below the tweet, editor’s note)

Episodes of the Star Wars Andor series are available every Wednesday exclusively on the Disney+ platform.

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