André Dussollier: this amazing place he adores but where he goes “in secret”

This Wednesday, January 30, André Dussollier was the guest of En Aparté on Canal +. The actor gave himself up to a place he adores but to which he only goes in secret. Explanations.

But what could this amazing place be? This Wednesday, January 30, André Dussollier made a new visit to the apartment ofAs an aside on Canal+. “I have the feeling that I’m squatting this apartment again“, he has fun entering the room. And to notice: “Nothing has moved. I watch every time I see the show, I always see what people find out.” The production of Nathalie Lévy’s program indeed takes a lot care to arrange these places according to the guest of the day. Books, albums, photographs that have a very special meaning in the heart of the person for whom these objects have been placed. The same goes with sight. Each his own. Behind a large (and false) bay window, the team of the confidence show projects a background that will bring back memories – often from childhood – to his guest. But the least we can say is that André Dussollier’s is surprising.

For the first time, it is not a city that has been honored but… a roller coaster. The actor noticed it even before Nathalie Lévy put a flea in his ear. “It’s been a while since I’ve done a rollercoaster“, deplores the person concerned, and his host to confess to him: “You associate with roller coasters, it troubled me.“André Dussollier is nevertheless a big fan of these thrilling attractions. So much so that he has an in-depth knowledge of those that exist, but this one had escaped him. And for good reason, “it’s a virtual landscape that we created especially for you“, boasts Nathalie Lévy “You should realize it, because it promises, it looks a lot like loops and all that“, he throws at her, before explaining: “I love that. In fact, it is a pleasure that is born in childhood.“It all goes back to when André Dussollier was just a little boy.

This feeling that André Dussollier finds in the roller coaster

My first game when I was a child, very young, was doing somersaults in the grass, in the mountains. And the pleasure of spinning around like that made my stomach tickle. It was my first childhood joy and suddenly, I kept wanting to find her.”, he develops. And it is in the loops that he found this feeling “multiplied by 100, 150, 200“. So whenever he can, the 76-year-old man does not miss the opportunity to go to an amusement park, and this, even today. The latest? “It must be near Marne-la-Vallée“, he imagines, referring to DisneyLand. “I force my children to gonow they no longer want so I’m going there on the sly but I like it, I know them all by heart and I’m waiting for the opening of the next roller coasters which should take place soon, I think next year“, he enthuses. No doubt, his child’s soul has never left him.

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