Andrea Riseborough: Actress keeps her Oscar nomination

Andrea Riseborough
Actress keeps her Oscar nomination

Andrea Riseborough performing in London.

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The Oscar Academy has decided that actress Andrea Riseborough can keep her nomination. Even if there are concerns.

British actress Andrea Riseborough (41) can keep her Oscar nomination. The organizers of the film award ceremony decided that as reported, among other things, by “Variety”.. At the same time, the Academy said the campaign tactics behind the nomination “raised concern”.

Riseborough was considered an outsider for a Best Actress nomination, but was supported by stars like Gwyneth Paltrow (50), Courteney Cox (58), Jennifer Aniston (53) and Edward Norton (53). The Oscar Academy then apparently checked whether the campaign had violated its rules. Those responsible concluded that the problems “did not reach the level” to revoke the nomination.

No charge against Riseborough

According to US media reports, Bill Kramer, executive director of the Oscar Academy, explained that, among other things, social media campaign tactics had been discovered “that have given rise to concern”. You want to talk to those in charge about it. Riseborough himself has not been accused of any wrongdoing.

She was nominated for best actress for the movie ‘To Leslie,’ a low-budget production in which she plays an alcoholic Texas mother struggling to make ends meet after missing out on a lottery win. The strip made little money at the box office.

Although Riseborough’s name has rarely appeared at recent awards shows, there has been a recent outpouring of support from well-known fans who have taken to social media to express their admiration and hosted screenings of the film.

The Oscar ceremony will take place in Los Angeles on the night of March 12th to 13th German time. The Academy Awards will be presented for the 95th time. The German entry “Nothing New in the West” has been nominated in nine categories, including best film.


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