Andrej Mangold: The ex- “Bachelor” is “getting to know someone”

Andrej Mangold
The ex- “Bachelor” is about to “get to know someone”

Andrej Mangold wants a fresh start.

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Will Andrej Mangold be taken again soon? The ex- “Bachelor” reveals in an interview to date an international model.

Andrej Mangold (34) is open to dates again. After the “summer house” scandal and the separation from Jennifer Lange (28), the ex- “Bachelor” had largely withdrawn. Now he wants to look ahead again, both professionally and in terms of love. In an interview with the “Bild” newspaper he reveals that he is just about to “get to know someone”.

“And this meeting will take place in New York, because she is an international model and at the same time as I am in the Big Apple,” reports Mangold. It’s her first date and “who knows, maybe it’s really the one. I’m full of anticipation”.

“I was looking for help”

The 34-year-old also explains that he sought help after his battered image: “After my breakdown and the difficult time, I sought advice from a psychologist. Anyone who has problems or doesn’t know what to do next should do that, because it helps . ” His psychologist advised him to look ahead, “and now I’m doing that too”.

The ex-professional basketball player is currently in New York for professional reasons. He got a modeling job there at an international brand and was there for “several shoots”. His goal is to work “internationally and bilingual” in the future. In addition, Mangold will have his first moderation job next year at a well-known event in Germany, “where there will also be many celebrities”.

Mangold now views reality TV formats more critically. Apparently, he does not completely rule out participating again. That depends on the fairness of the makers.


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