Andrej Mangold: This is how the professional and private restart should succeed

Andrej Mangold
This is how the professional and private restart should succeed

Andrej Mangold reveals what a partner has to bring for him.

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Ex- “Bachelor” Andrej Mangold is ready for new professional challenges and a new love after his retirement.

Ex- “Bachelor” Andrej Mangold (34) had to struggle with his tarnished image after his “summer house” participation and the separation from Jennifer Lange (28) in the past few weeks. The ex-professional basketball player withdrew on social media, but is now on the way to a fresh start: “I am still mentally and physically built up”, he explains in an interview with the “Bild” newspaper. “I realized that I had a problem and looked back on everything. Good and bad moments to understand why I got into this state. In fact, I’ve been feeling much better since this analysis.” In such a situation, professional help is always recommended, emphasizes Mangold.

Mangold recently had reported back to his Instagram followers. The positive news in particular had shown him “that I am not alone with these kinds of problems. The positive feedback has strengthened me very much.” His family and closest friends have also been an important support in the past few weeks.

Professional challenge and private new start

Now the former “fight of the reality stars” candidate is again open to a new private happiness: “Of course I am ready to meet someone, to fall in love, to bind myself and still have a family wish,” says Mangold. It is only important to him that he can rely on his future partner one hundred percent at all times and that she shares values ​​such as loyalty, respect and loyalty with him. “But the most important thing for me is honesty, honesty, honesty.”

Mangold also seems to be stable professionally. He has been an independent entrepreneur for years and works as an online coach for nutrition and fitness, he tells “Bild”. TV projects are his passion, but not his main job. And another challenge could soon await the 34-year-old: “I currently have an offer for my first moderation job, it could be one of the most beautiful projects of my career so far.”


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