Andrew Garfield is putting his career on hold… out of love for Alyssa!

We’re going to have to do without him for a while. Former hero of the saga Spiderman, before Tom Holland takes up the torch, Andrew Garfield will put his career aside for a month or two. Interviewed by the magazine variety this week, the 38-year-old American-British comedian explained that he wanted to rest for a little while and that he needed to return to a normal life in order to understand what he wanted to do next and define the person he wanted. he wanted to become. The reason behind this speech is slightly more romantic.

Andrew Garfield actually split from his sweetheart, Alyssa Miller, last month because of their globally incompatible schedules. Because of their two careers – she is a musician and model -, the lovers simply couldn’t see each other. And that’s why the actor, former companion of Rita Ora, preferred to leave the film sets for a while: he hopes to win back the heart of his beautiful, as revealed by a source from the newspaper. The Sun.

They shared something really special and the time they spent apart allowed him to reflect.

He wants to ask himself to see what future he could have with herwe explain in the publication. Andrew’s decision is the result of many factors but one of them is Alyssa. They shared something really special and the time they spent apart gave him some food for thought. Of course, it is still early to tell, but it is clear that he wants to work on a reconciliation.” Last seen in the movie Spider-man: No way homeas well as In the eyes of Tammy Faye with Jessica Chastain and in the first season of the series By order of God, on Hulu, Andrew Garfield should soon appear in theadaptation of the novel Brideshead Revisited by Luca Guadagnino. He doesn’t seem to have any other plans at the moment, except to charm his Alyssa again…

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