Android 13: Google will finally add personalized shortcuts to the lock screen

Via the second quarterly update of Android 13 (Android 13 QPR2), Google could finally integrate on its OS the possibility of adding shortcuts to certain features on the lock screen. A feature already present in many competitors, such as Samsung or Apple.

Credits: Google

As you may know, Google Pixel owners (from the Pixel 4a and 4a 5G onwards, at least) can preview what’s coming to Android via the QPR Betas. Once enrolled in the program, your smartphone is continuously updated with betas of the latest builds for Android.

And precisely, Google has just deployed this Thursday, February 1, 2023 the beta of Android 13 QPR2. In addition to bringing many fixes to various problems, this build also includes some new features, such as Partial Screen Recording, a tool for taking partial screenshots of your screen. Convenient if you want to share only part of your screen.

But that’s not all since according to our colleagues from the XDA Developers site, Google is also taking advantage of this new beta to test a feature never before seen on Pixels: personalized shortcuts on the lock screen.

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android lock screen shortcuts
Credits: Mishaal Rahman

Finally personalized shortcuts on the Pixel lock screen

This practical feature is not new, since it is found in many competitors of the Mountain View firm such as Apple or Samsung. Nevertheless, and for some unknown reason, Google has never seen fit to include it on its Pixels. But that could change.

As can be seen in these screenshots shared by Mishaal Rahman on Twitter, it would therefore be possible from the Wallpaper and Style menu and the Shortcuts tab apply custom shortcuts on the right or left side of the lock screen. User could quickly access some features like Flashlight, Do Not Disturb mode, Photo app or even control a device connected to the Pixel without having to unlock it.

Be careful, however, before getting carried away, there is no guarantee that this feature will actually be deployed in the next update of the final version of Android 13, expected in March 2023. Nevertheless, it is difficult to see why one would decide to put it aside. Indeed, it is time for the manufacturer to catch up with the competition, which has been offering this feature for a long time on their respective smartphones.

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