Android 13 will natively support braille displays

Thibaut Popelier

Gaming Specialist

May 23, 2022 at 4:35 p.m.


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This is a novelty that will certainly make life easier for some users of android smartphones. Indeed, Google is preparing to deploy native support for screens that support Braille.

Whether on the side of video game studios or tech giants, many brands are starting to offer different features to allow those with disabilities to use their devices more easily. With beta 3 of Android 13, Google is going to address people with vision problems.

Android for everyone!

Thus, the Cupertino company recently declared that Android 13 will offer native support for braille displays via the Talkback functionality. It will therefore soon no longer be necessary to download external applications such as BrailleBack. New shortcuts will be directly included for relatively basic tasks such as copying a text, sending an SMS, starting to read a book and much more. It will no longer be mandatory to use voice commands to perform these operations.

Users who would like to test these few new features in beta can register freely at this address. The final version of Android 13 should not be deployed before September 2022.

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Source : XDA Developers

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