Android 13 would indeed mark the end of invasive notifications

Android 13 should ask your opinion before sending you notifications about a new app. Android Police confirms this information with the very first screenshot of the device.

The hallmark of the Google Pixel 6 Pro

The hallmark of the Google Pixel 6 Pro // Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

We all know this scene. You have just installed an application on your smartphone which corresponds perfectly to your need. The configuration went well, your account is created in good and due form. You already see a long-term relationship with this new application.

And then boom. The little piece of software that you were saying nothing but good things about suddenly turns into a torrent of pop-up notifications. Admit that it breaks the mood a bit.

The privileged opt in

This innocuous little scene could well end with Android 13 (Tiramisu). In any case, this is what was going on Android Police (via XDA) on December 23. The new version of the OS should make notifications change to opt-in, meaning you will no longer be automatically subscribed to notifications from the apps you have just installed, but the application must have your consent to be able to send them to you.

Like the choice offered by iOS to be followed or not by the applications installed on the iPhone, Google would offer a real gain in comfort for users.

Now the specialized site claims to be able to confirm this information with a screenshot of the authorization request.


Android // Source: Android Police

It can hardly be clearer than this window. The choice is binary and that’s good. Since it’s hard to imagine users clicking “allow” each time, Android 13 could jeopardize the future of notifications on smartphones.

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