Android apps on Windows 11: Microsoft really gets going

Microsoft officially introduced Windows 11 a year ago and also made it possible to run Android apps there. So far, however, German users have been excluded. This has an end now. In addition, the function has been greatly improved.

Android apps on Windows 11 for Germany

A year after the launch of Windows 11, Microsoft has this first major update released. It introduces changes to the Start menu, accessibility, focused work, connectivity, creativity, gaming, and greater security and flexibility in the workplace. In addition, the Android app function is being massively expanded. Microsoft has officially announced that the function has now also been activated in Germany. This will soon give you access to over 20,000 Android apps.

It remains the case that the Amazon App Store serves as the basis. You can use it to access many apps and games. But with the announcement of wider availability, the feature itself is also getting a lot better. There is now over 20,000 apps and games, who can now access two to three times the graphics performance thanks to hardware support. In the end, this means that the apps and games run even better on your PC. There is better support for copy-protected videos, better operation via touchscreen, keyboard and mouse and much more (source: Microsoft).

The video shows you the function:

Windows 11: Amazon App Store brings Android apps to PCs

Windows 11: Update will be rolled out immediately

The major Windows 11 update will be distributed immediately. As always with such major updates, the rollout is happening in waves. The same applies to the availability of the Android app function under Windows 11. Microsoft specifies a time window of “a few weeks”. But it is clear that you no longer have to take detours to run Android apps on your Windows 11 PC. The function is now officially starting in Germany and should work much faster.

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