Android Auto: the mobile application is also entitled to its update to Material You

The settings of the Android Auto mobile application finally have the right to move to Material You. A facelift that comes with new features in the passenger compartment.

The Android Auto in-vehicle beta has already gotten an update to Google’s new Material You design. That said, the mobile application has not followed suit, which is not very consistent, especially when a big company like Google wants to impose a new “design system” on all of its products. Adapting the operating system for cars to dashboard screens of infinite diversity is a real challenge, but it seems that the Mountain View giant has succeeded. Material You design finally arrives in Android Auto’s mobile app settings.

The first screenshots appeared on social networks. The testers can thus see that in Android Auto version 8.6, the settings page shows a big round button for the “Connect a car” option. As seen in the illustration, the application now offers a dark theme. Generally, the idea is to facilitate navigation on the screen by purifying and regrouping the menus as much as possible.

Android Auto in the car and the mobile application are now entitled to Material You design

The Android Auto update is expected to modernize the automotive operating system. Google Assistant will be even more useful, and more proactive: suggestions for responding to text messages or new songs to discover. In addition to offering a more modern media player and more intuitive navigation between applications, the split screen mode will work on all screen sizes, which will solve the problem of many motorists that a big bug prevented from using the button rotary to navigate between apps. These will be accessible from the same page.

Owners of smartphones running Android Marshmallow and Android Nougat will face an insoluble problem. They will have to resign themselves to using more recent devices or to do without Android Auto. Google forces the update, making Android 6 (and below) incompatible.

Source: Android Police

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