Andy Roddick affected by illness, this simple everyday gesture that he did not follow: “Put some…”

By Thomas Martin | Editor

A great sports fan, he likes to know what is hidden in the lives of athletes, but does not neglect film or singing stars. After a long journey in the Canadian far north, he returned more determined than ever to see what was going on among the people of France and elsewhere.

In his podcast, Andy Roddick announced that he was suffering from a terrible illness. The former tennis star wanted to warn the youngest about a simple everyday gesture that would allow them to avoid the ordeal he is going through.

Andy Roddick affected by illness, this simple everyday gesture that he did not follow: “Put some…”

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When we think of tennis stars of the 2000s, the name Andy Roddick inevitably comes up quite quickly. With one of the best serves on the circuit, the American has had a very good career, notably winning the US Open and making three Wimbledon finals. Unfortunately for him, the three greatest players in his sport arrived around the same time as him and the Omaha, Nebraska native struggled to win other Grand Slams. On the heart side, the 41-year-old sportsman is in a relationship with actress Brooklyn Decker and after a marriage in 2009, they became parents twice.

Everything is going well for the man who was world number 1, but a few days ago, he made a sad announcement to his fans, to say the least. In his podcast Served with Andy Roddickthe champion revealed that he was suffering from a skin cancer which he had never spoken about until now: “I’ve suffered from different types of skin cancer since I stopped playing. I had a squamous cell tumor removed from my lip five or six years ago.”he said, adding that he must currently follow heavy treatments on her face to try to eradicate the disease.

Andy Roddick urges young people to protect themselves from the sun

A huge blow for the man who was treated to a heartbreaking farewell before the eyes of a tearful Brooklyn Decker in 2012, after 12 years of professional career. After this shocking announcement, Andy Roddick wanted to warn listeners of his podcast about the dangers of the sun: “Use sunscreen. And put sunscreen on your children – especially on the tennis court. The problems don’t appear at the age of eight, but perhaps at 38.”explains Roger Federer’s former rival.

Very sad news for Andy Roddick and his many fans. We imagine that the one who became a father for the second time after the birth of Brooklyn Decker will be able to count on the support of his loved ones in this difficult moment…

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