Angelina Kirsch: She shows herself without make-up and in underwear

Angelina Kirsch
The Curvy Model shows herself without make-up and in underwear

Angelina Kirsch

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All VIP news in the Brigitte ticker: Angelina Kirsch shows herself without make-up and in underwear +++ Ruth Moschner speaks clearly about the competition among presenters.

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January 5, 2021

Angelina Kirsch: The Curvy Model shows herself without make-up and in underwear

Happy New Years greetings from Angelina Kirsch! The 32-year-old is one of the most successful curvy models in Germany and skilfully stages her curves online. Your message: love your body! Now the "The Taste" presenter surprises her fans with a new picture that underlines her philosophy of life: Angelina presents herself without make-up and only dressed in underwear.

On Instagram, the former "Curvy Supermodel" judge shows herself freshly after showering with a towel on her head and completely without make-up. With a red bra and panties in leopard look, the model poses confidently and with a seductive smile in front of the camera. About the natural snapshot, she writes: "I'm ready to rock my curves in 2021". She also adds an appeal to her fans: "Remember: the most important thing is that you feel good! You define your own ideal of beauty. (Sic)"

Angelina's followers celebrate the blonde for this social media post. "Thank you for being who you are!", "You are such a great woman. Charisma and attitude are simply stunning" and "You are beautiful and a role model for many women", are three of the many enthusiastic comments below the photo.

January 4, 2021

Competition among moderators? Ruth Moschner speaks plain text

Ruth Moschner, 44, has been a successful TV presenter for over 20 years. Currently, the 44-year-old with "Letters Battle" not only has her own quiz show, but will also be part of the advice team for the third time at "The Masked Singer" in February. Is Ruth Moschner – despite her success – in competition with other presenters?

A user of the 44-year-old asked this question during a question-and-answer session on Instagram. And the moderator had a very clear answer: "No, we are all too different for that." Jeannine Michaelsen, 39, is a great presenter, for example, who she likes to see on TV or have as a guest. "I know it won't be boring," she added.

Ruth Moschner also had praise for another colleague: Carolin Kebekus, 40. Ruth gave her the title: "Comedyqueen". She was "a grenade on stage and backstage just sugar. She's also beautiful," she said, explaining her enthusiasm. Wonderfully personable, dear Ruth!

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