Angelina Kirsch: She was born in a good mood

Angelina Kirsch
Her good mood was put into her cradle

Angelina Kirsch is bubbling over with optimism.

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For Angelina Kirsch, the glass is always half full. “Life can be so beautiful,” enthuses the model in an interview.

Bad mood? Angelina Kirsch (33) doesn’t have that. “Life can be so beautiful when you understand that it is unique and that it pays to always get the best out of every day,” explains the successful model in an interview. The 33-year-old is part of the current Colgate optimism campaign “Our smiles make the difference”. To do this, she takes her community to an Edeka market as part of an Instagram live talk to shop for a feel-good evening with a friend and to cheer them up with good food and time together.

“My parents taught me a lot”

Kirsch inherited her optimism. “My parents actually conveyed a lot to me and taught me as a child. In the course of my life I noticed that the positive way of life makes a lot of things easier.” And what does the 33-year-old do when she does have a bad day? “I know exactly what is good for me. Be it a whole day’s program, when I don’t have any appointments and can organize the day as I want, or even the little things like a nice evening with my girlfriend,” said the moderator.

“I love listening to good music and I also like to turn up the volume to really feel it. I like going out into nature and listening to the birds. A chocolate bar can also improve my mood or a phone call with loved ones. I think we all know what is good for us and what we can use to cheer ourselves up. “

“I enjoy our relationship in private”

The model is silent about whether her boyfriend ticks similarly. Kirsch has had a new boyfriend by her side since spring 2019, but deliberately keeps the relationship private. “My boyfriend is not a public figure and has decided for himself not to be either. I respect his decision and enjoy our relationship in private.”

Professionally, too, things are going very well for the 33-year-old. The new season of “The Taste” is still running until October 27th. “A lot of great TV projects are still on my plan this year and I’m also looking forward to breaking new ground in terms of fashion. It won’t be boring for me and I’m very grateful for that every day.”


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