Angelina Pannek: She counters the criticism of her after-baby body

New mom Angelina Pannek countered the criticism of her after-baby body with an ironic, obviously edited, photo.

Angelina Pannek (28) gave birth to her first child in mid-June. Recently Sebastian Pannek's wife (33) then showed her after-baby body on Instagram and was surprised in a story about her almost flat stomach: "Where's my stomach gone please?" They find it "blatant what the body does and how quickly it all regresses". A post that apparently attracted many critics. The 28-year-old apparently does not want to leave the mean comments uncommented and countered them with an ironic post.

"So that one part of society feels better, please put my" real after-baby body "here. I hope you don't feel stupid anymore," Pannek writes about the same picture that she had posted a few days ago. But this time, the former "Bachelor" candidate edited the snapshot so that the region around the belly looks much rounder. The background shows that the photo is obviously processed. Because this bends completely unnaturally.

It is very popular

Previously, Pannek had summarized a selection of the bad comments under the first after-baby body picture in an Instagram story. "Probably you immediately had your fat sucked off your belly and that's why there is none left. Great, no performance," was to be read, among other things.

For the counterattack, the 28-year-old gets a lot of encouragement from her followers. "Just let people talk, they're probably just jealous anyway," writes one user, for example. And her husband Sebastian Pannek also comments ironically: "And I can now listen to myself again, I mounted the sliding curtains wrong. Thank you too."

Angelina Pannek, born Heger, and her husband, "The Bachelor" from 2017, Sebastian Pannek, became parents for the first time in mid-June. Angelina Pannek became known for her participation in "The Bachelor" in 2014 when she made it to the final with bachelor Christian Tews (39).