Anger of farmers: “Those who hold society together are ordinary people, small workers,” judge Christophe Guilluy

Yellow vests, farmers’ blockades… Social movements have multiplied in recent years. In recent days, the farmers’ blockades, widely supported by the population, have once again raised the question of representation in France and in Europe.

Deep break

Operators denounce the multiplication of standards, particularly environmental ones, unfair competition through free trade agreements and their low remuneration. Questioned this Thursday morning on the set of La Grande interview CNews-Europe 1, the geographer and author of the essay “The dispossessed” Christophe Guilluy believes that this movement profoundly marks the break between the people and their representation.

“All academic, audiovisual and cinematographic representations tend to reinforce the idea that metropolisation is the unsurpassable horizon. When I say metropolisation, I say neoliberal model. And that is why all of this is very linked to the anthropological break between these elites, these superior categories and the people”, he judges at the microphone of Sonia Mabrouk.

“A coherent society is a society where there is a link between the top and the bottom”

“Because you are no longer in touch with society itself. You are made to believe that all these revolts, all these blows, represent the margins of society. In reality, they do not represent the margins of society, they are society itself. We must keep one thing in mind, which is that when I say peripheral France, it is ultimately a geographical observation. The reality is that those who hold society together are these ordinary people, are these small workers. Without these employees, without these workers, without these peasants, society would not survive without that,” he insists.

And added: “Now, a coherent society is a society where there is a link between the top and the bottom, where things circulate. But from the moment you have higher categories who turn their backs on this ordinary society, well it is self-destructing without knowing it.”

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