Angry by a joke from her husband, she wants to divorce one day after her marriage

After saying “yes” to the man she thought was the man of her life, a woman wanted a divorce, just one day after the wedding. The reason: a bad joke.

“They lived happily and had many children…” Real life is often different from that of fairy tale characters. Proof of this is a story recently reported by Indy100, before several media echoed it. Last December, a woman posted a message on the forum Dear Prudence from the American version of Slate, evoking her wish to divorce… only one day after having said “yes” to her husband: “I got married just before Christmas and hope to be divorced by the end of January.” In question : a bad joke of it, in connection with their wedding cake.

In this publication spotted by the website, the young bride had explained that she had never intended to get married at the beginning. However, when her companion proposed to her in 2020, she accepted his proposal. However, she immediately warned her partner: he should at all costs respect a rule on D-Day. More precisely, she had forbidden him to smash cake on her faceas is sometimes the tradition.

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“Very claustrophobic”, the bride cannot forgive her husband

Time passed and the big day arrived. After the exchange of the consents of the spouses, came the hour of the wedding feast. Visibly prankish, the newlywed couldn’t resist the temptation to prank his wife, despite its warnings! As the Indy100 site clarified, he did not grab cake to smear it on his face. To circumvent the ban, he used trickery: after having grabbed his wife in the back of the headhe pushed her so that her face came in contact with the dessert.

A joke a priori trivial, but which shocked the bride enough for her to reconsider this romantic relationship. She explained to her relatives that she did not like that her partner does not respect her wishesbut the latter had difficulty hearing her choice to divorce, which is why they advised her to reconcile.

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On the forum, the user has developed the reasons why she could not forgive her husband: I’m very claustrophobic since I had a car accident. When my face ended up in the cake and we held it there, I panicked.”

In light of these shocking confidences, the creator of the forum on Slate fully understood the reluctance and emotions through which this young bride had gone through. Therefore, she recommended that he divorce, so that he could move forward: “Your entourage thinks you are making a mistake, but they are not the ones who have to wake up every morning next to someone whose behavior puts them off.” The story does not tell us if the spouses are still in a relationship…

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