Angus was abused by his mother when he danced badly


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Today and for a few more days, the trial of the mother of a young dancer: Angus, takes place in Paris. A look back at the atrocities committed by a mother on her son.

One evening in December in 2017, Angus, then aged 11, appeared in his pajamas at the reception of the Adagio hotel rue du Théâtre in the 15th arrondissement. He absolutely wants to speak to a receptionist and then turns to a person named Liliane. Terrified, he confides in her that he is part of a Malaysian troupe of professional ballroom dancers and that he is passing through Paris. He explains that he escaped from his room because of his mother. The latter wants to burn him because he forgot the dance steps.

The teenager then rolls up the sleeves of his pajama top to reveal to a terrified Liliane the scars on her wrists. He then shows her the wounds on her hip and buttock that have stained her pajamas with blood. Ten minutes later, the firefighters are on site to come to the aid of the young man. Their diagnosis: the child presented numerous burns all over his body, some of them in the third degree and signs of beatings mostly old. Angus was then taken to the pediatric emergency room in Necker.

“My mother has a double face”

The investigation was entrusted to the brigade for the protection of minors of the Paris judicial police. From his hospital room, Angus confided in investigators explaining that his mother had started inflicting these atrocities on him as soon as he started dancing at the age of 5. Sometimes she would wait until her son fell asleep before throwing boiling water at his hips. Angus went through hell. He was tied up, scalded, slashed with a knife. But this unbearable enumeration does not stop there. According to Angus, his mother also made him “eat poo and drink wee”.

Doctors said the child had multiple scars on his chest, legs and stomach. Marks on wrists, ankles and arms. This unfortunately corroborates his claims. The mother, Mee Yun, did everything to cover up the truth by forcing her son to wear long clothes that covered practically his entire body. Therefore, no one around Angus would have noticed the suspicious traces. At the time, little Angus insisted a lot on the term “double face” to evoke his mother. Apparently, she could be very loving in public but tyrannical in their home.

No family support

Unfortunately, Angus’ father never defended or protected him. He even ended up speaking up during his interrogation and literally stood up for his wife by declaring “she could never hurt her son” and describing his wife as a very demanding, but loving mother. For the mother, her son would have lied and his injuries would be the result of his nonsense. Explanations that did not convince the examining magistrate who sent the mother back to court for her appalling acts.

In November 2020, Angus’ mother was sentenced to thirteen years in prison. A sentence too “nice” for the public prosecutor who decides to appeal. From today and for three days, the case is therefore retried in Bobigny in Seine-Saint-Denis. Angus has returned to live with his father in Malaysia since 2019. He stopped his dancing career.

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Remember that if you are a victim or if you are aware of a situation of mistreatment of a child, you have to : call 119.

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