Ania Niedieck: She could “hide so well” behind her “EEZ” role

Ania Niedieck
She could “hide so well” behind her “EEZ” role

Ania Niedieck plays the ambitious and self-confident Isabelle Reichenbach.

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Ania Niedieck celebrates its anniversary with “AWZ”: The RTL series turns 15. In an interview, Niedieck reveals why she is grateful for her role Isabelle.

This week, the RTL series “Alles was geht” is celebrating an anniversary. The Daily has been on the air for 15 years, all about love, passion and intrigue on figure skating. Since 2009, Ania Niedieck (37) has been seen in the lead role of Isabelle Reichenbach with interruptions. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, the actress talks about the advantages of her role, which is often viewed as scheming. She also gives an insight into her life as a working mum and reveals whether she has ever thought of saying goodbye to the series.

The big “EEZ” birthday is here. What can the fans expect in the anniversary week?

Ania Niedieck: It’s going to be incredibly exciting. I think for the 15th anniversary we have outdone ourselves. It will be so exciting, dramatic and, and, and. Turn on!

To what extent is Isabelle involved, what challenges are waiting for her?

Niedieck: Let’s put it this way, Isabelle was lucky. She was in the right place at the right time.

Your character Isabelle is quite a long way from your own character. What do you enjoy most about the figure?

Niedieck: Who said that? (laughs) That’s it: Isabelle and Ania don’t have anything in common. That’s why I don’t run the risk of getting lost in the figure of Isabelle. I know who I am and what I can do and I also know exactly who Isabelle is and what she is capable of. I think we are both very complex. It’s so fun to switch between these characters.

Isabelle is often seen as a schemer and makes herself unpopular with others. It is common knowledge that fans like to be unable to distinguish between reality and fiction. What reactions to your character do you remember?

Niedieck: In first place: “You are much nicer than you are on television!” Since then I have lived true to the motto: Once the reputation has been ruined, it is completely uninhibited. There is no expectation of me as a person. And that makes it “really” very pleasant.

How has your figure changed over the years and what have you learned from her for your own life?

Niedieck: Isabelle has never lost her courage to face life, everything goes wrong and Isabelle still looks ahead. I definitely copied that from Isabelle. Isabelle is an absolute power woman, but with a big bang (laughs).

Which other side of Isabelle would you like to show?

Niedieck: Anyone who has ever seen “Alles was haben” knows that Isabelle is always good for a surprise. One of the reasons I love going to work. It does not get boring.

The role has helped you through a difficult time in your life too. You have spoken openly about your miscarriages. How did you deal with these setbacks and how was that time on set for you?

Niedieck: That was the most terrible time in my life so far. Unfulfilled desire to have children. Horror. I was able to hide so well behind my series character. For that I will be forever grateful to Isabelle aka my job.

You have been with us since 2009 with interruptions. Have you ever thought of a final “EEZ” farewell?

Niedieck: No, why? Why should you stop doing what you love – best series, best role, best team. I call it: jackpot. Absolute dream job.

Should the final farewell threaten one day. What should Isabelle’s series-out look like for you?

Niedieck: There is only one option for Isabelle, and that is the witness protection program. (laughs)

Who of your colleagues would you miss most?

Niedieck: I miss someone all the time. Someone is always on vacation or the wild idea of ​​taking a sabbatical …

How would you describe the “EEZ” atmosphere among the actors to outsiders?

Niedieck: If I were to look at the troupe from the outside, I would think to myself: “Ok wow, they are loud! Was that meant seriously ?! Ok crass! That they get along well, I would never have thought.” So much again, we all play a role in front of the camera.

Are your daughters already watching their mom at work, on the set or in front of the TV?

Niedieck: It happens every now and then. But Corona currently has us all under control. But actually I think like Lothar Matthäus, a player’s wife has no business on the pitch. In that sense, my player’s wife is my family (laughs).

How has your “EEZ” work changed since you became a mother?

Niedieck: I can only say one thing in retrospect. As a working mum you are well organized. I would have liked to have had that knowledge beforehand. Sometimes I am jealous of my colleagues’ free time. “So what are you doing after work today? I don’t know!” Oh how I love that answer! (laughs) I always have a plan.