Anika Decker: Private impressions of the director’s dream wedding

Anika Decker
Star line-up at their wedding in Berlin

Anika Decker and her longtime partner Alexander Wilde have tied the knot.

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Now she’s under the hood! The “Love Things” director Anika Decker got married. She shares first impressions of her dream wedding on her Instagram account.

What a bride! On the arm of her brother Jan, director Anika Decker, 47, walked down the aisle on Saturday, August 6, 2022. Her long-time partner Alexander Wilde was waiting there for his sweetheart. Four weeks after the premiere of her latest screen success “Liebesdings” the wedding bells rang for the filmmakers in Berlin. And their wedding could easily have passed as a new cinema project. Many a producer would lick their fingers after their (star) guests.

Anika Decker celebrated with German film celebrities

Quite unusual on camera: Elyas M’Barek, 40, using his cellphone to document Decker’s performance as a beautiful bride in a stunning sequined embroidered long-sleeved gown in a slim silhouette with an exciting high leg slit.

Elyas M'Barek filmed when the bride walked to the wedding ceremony with Alexander Wilde on her brother Jan Decker's arm.

Elyas M’Barek filmed when the bride walked to the wedding ceremony with Alexander Wilde on her brother Jan Decker’s arm.


According to “Bild”, the guest list read like the “Who’s Who” of the German celebrity scene: stars like Iris Berben, 71, Palina Rojinski, 37, Peri Baumeister, 36, Alexandra Maria Lara, 43, and husband Sam Riley, 42 , celebrated with the newlywed couple. Anika Decker is now also sharing first impressions of it on her Instagram account: In bright sunshine, the happy bridal couple walks behind Anika’s bridesmaids after the ceremony.

One of them was Palina Rojinski, who also published a few snapshots online after the wedding. “You enchanting and breathtaking bride. I’m happy around the world and back for you lovebirds,” writes the 37-year-old about a joint photo that, according to Palina, was taken at a late hour: “It’s really nice that we’re already at 1 :30 at night, sweaty and tipsy, we managed to take the first photos together.”

Palina Rojinski and Anika Decker

Palina Rojinski and Anika Decker


A dream wedding that could not have been staged more cinematically.

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