Animal abuser in court – Maltese dog kicked to death in Nobelpalais!

Incident at the vernissage in Vienna City: A drunk took out his anger on an innocent dog. He succumbed to his injuries on the way to the animal hospital.

The bulky 49-year-old defendant is not popular, he seems fundamentally aggressive. The judge has to ask about his personal details, when the father’s name comes a snotty: “He’s dead, you have to ask my mother.” Mrs. Rat remains polite, her patience is still being put to the test know nothing more. That he kicked “Indie” to death with his steel-toed shoes, a white Maltese puppy that his mistress – as had often done – had leashed in the marble staircase of the Vienna Palace. He didn’t feel “good” after the previous day’s drinking – so he continued to drink. Bawled, bullied so much that the security asked him to leave – but unfortunately didn’t accompany him to the door. Anger left out on dog The heavyweight giant might have left out the anger or whatever on “Indie”: “I don’t know what to do with it what happened to me, I’m extremely sorry. Actually, I could never step on an animal, regardless of whether it was a dog or a cat.” 1.8 per mille could be an explanation … mistress became a witness A witness has sad memories. She also begins to cry when she discovers that it wasn’t inventory that the man stepped on over and over “with an amused grin.” And then left. “Indie” died on the way to the animal hospital. Based on the description of the perpetrator, the police quickly caught the accused. Adjourned for further witness interviews.
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