Animal Crossing New Horizon: When the paradise island becomes the scene of a criminal investigation

If there is one thing that characterizes the productions of the Animal Crossing license, it is their innocence. The inhabitants are always in a good mood and your daily activities consist of watering your flowers or chatting with the various animals that inhabit your paradise island. Pretty cool, right?

Precisely, the production of Nintendo is so soft that sometimes… it would become almost worrying. Indeed, many players like to bring a little horror into Animal Crossing and in particular into the latest opus called New Horizons in which the possibilities are almost endless. This time a Reddit user by the name of hotpotato-nenn unveiled his creation which immerses its players in a real criminal investigationall on an island where nothing seemed wrong…

When Ace Attorney meets Animal Crossing New Horizons

Here is the crazy idea this creative player had. Fan of Ace Attorney as well as the Animal Crossing license, he decided to mix these two very different universes. The result is totally unusual: Animal Crossing New Murder. In this production, players must solve a mystery… who assaulted this poor villager? It’s up to you to find out!

To do this, budding detectives must join the adventure through a dreamlike code that will immediately plunge them into the heart of the action. A villager has just been assaulted and doesn’t remember anything after fainting. Ă‘enn calls on you to help investigate! Who could be the terrible bandit? What makes this production interesting is thatabsolutely everyone on the island is suspect and in order to find the real criminal, you will have to explore the area up and down.

Thus, by recovering objects as well as clues, players can confront the locals to these various elements through the dedicated website. Because yes, a website is used in parallel with the game to allow users to make their accusations, to converse with suspects or to list their objects. Why is that ? Because using the image of the Animal Crossing New Horizons universe for such purposes could be strike by Nintendo. The creator of the “game” therefore does not directly use the Japanese company’s game for the actual criminal investigation.

This investigation will lead you through various plot twists and explosive confrontations between villagers outraged at being accused. In short you will have understood, you will not have anything to get bored and the Sherlock that lies dormant in you will be more than delighted!

How to play Animal Crossing New Murder?

Having to play between two different platforms can sometimes be a bit confusing. Don’t panic, we will tell you the few steps to follow in order to immerse yourself as quickly as possible in the thriller version of Animal Crossing.

  • Check that you have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription and go to Animal Crossing New Horizons to enter the dream code indicated just here.
  • Once on the island, you will have to go to this website in order to find out more about the survey as well as the motives of each inhabitant.
  • From now on, you will have to alternate between the game (finding the evidence, …) and the New Murder site (accusing the inhabitants, solving the riddle, …) in order to find the real criminal.

Good luck to you !

Nintendo seems to be doing well and recently revealed some of its financial results. In the latter, we discover the best-selling game of all time in Japan, which dethrones the great classics of the industry!

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