Animal Crossing: Stranger Things characters recreated in-game!

(Thumbnail photo credits: Stranger Things El de Xan outfit)

Animal Crossing allows its players to build their own little universe, in which they evolve and which they can customize as they wish. Whether it’s the outfit, the decorations or even their house, the creative possibilities are almost endless! Imaginative minds therefore populate the islands of Animal Crossing, and many are inspired by various trends, some of which come from series.

Today, let’s discover a crossover between one of the most famous series in the world and Nintendo’s most peaceful license. Stranger Things x Animal Crossing, it gives that!

Stranger Crossing

Stranger Things is the international success of Netflix. Its latest season, released a few weeks ago, was the platform’s most viewed program in 83 countries, out of the 93 covered by Netflix. With its retro atmosphere and its ultra-developed plot, the series has been talked about on the networks and many crossovers have appeared, including this one.

(Feel free to scroll down the Reddit thread to view all the images)

Born from the imagination of @washue (on Reddit), these perfectly realized drawings illustrate characters from Stranger Things, in the shoes of Animal Crossing inhabitants. The protagonists of the series are represented through the different seasons of the series, more particularly the first as well as the fourth. Can you recognize them all?

  • Mike – Duck
  • Will – Mouse
  • eleven – Doe
  • Dustin – Frog
  • Lucas – Horse
  • Nancy – Goat
  • Erica – Squirrel
  • Steve – Dog (with a gorgeous haircut)
  • jonathan – Wolf
  • Joyce – Rabbit
  • Hopper – Bear
  • Murray -Koala
  • Max – Fox
  • Robin – Cat
  • Vecna – Octopus (terrifying)
  • Argyle – Lazy
  • Eddie – Dragon (we love you Eddie)

It is also possible to find Steve and Robin, adorable in their ice cream outfit (season 3), as well as Will the mouse in his wizard outfit (season 1&2). The artist said he wanted to reproduce, through these animals, the personality of each character as well as possible. Not very nice for Mike who is in duckā€¦

A talented artist

Washue is not at his first attempt. The artist had, in the past, already shared Animal Crossing designs in crossover with various flagship pop culture licenses. Recently, the person behind the account had posted a crossover between Nintendo’s game and Encanto, a Disney movie that had a phenomenal success last year.

His illustrations on Stranger Things have had a huge success on the networks, as have all the other nods to the series. Recently, a player had recreated the meme “Chrissy wake up” in order to put it in anthem of his island. You now have it in mind, and so do we. In short, all this proves the impact that Stranger Things had on the networks, going so far as to motivate some Animal Crossing players to make their island a copy of Hawkins.

The sweet universe of Animal Crossing has therefore not finished being associated with that of Stranger Things, to the delight of fans of these two licenses. The absence of Billy or even Chrissy in Washue’s illustration sets may mean that the artist still has other designs in progress… We look forward to them!

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