Animal use – fire brigade rescues cat in need from tree

The comrades of the Biedermannsdorf fire brigade in the Mödling district (Lower Austria) showed a big heart for animals on Saturday morning. The dedicated helpers rescued a helpless kitten from a tree.

While airing in the evening, the family cat “Stöpsel” had secretly sneaked out through an open window. Because the parents were just putting the children to bed and they have other cats, they did not notice the cat’s absence at first.

“In the morning we suddenly heard pathetic meowing from outside,” the owner describes to the “Krone”. Since the velvet paw could not be lured from the tree, the family had no choice but to alert the fire brigade.

“We first moved out with a vehicle in front and a fire truck,” explains the commander and head of operations, Bernhard Tröszter. With ladders of various lengths, the comrades tried to get “stoppers” from the tree, but the helpers did the math without the frightened cat. Because whenever a firefighter was almost with the animal, it climbed even higher.

“We therefore had no other choice than to request our swap-loader vehicle with crane and work basket,” said Tröszter, specifying the further procedure.

After a few minutes, the helpers arrived and drove the workman basket up into the treetop.

Shortly afterwards, the overjoyed owner was able to hug her cat again.