Animal video: "Honor cat": This dog thinks it is a cat

This dog thinks he's a cat

Climb on the fridge? This dog doesn't want to leave the fun to the cats alone.


Pitbull Mako doesn't just like the cats he lives with – he apparently thinks himself a cat. In the video you can see how he goes about his everyday life as an "honor cat".

What happened?

A kind of pet retraining: Pitbull Mako seems to be completely convinced that he is not a dog at all, but a cat. And the cats he lives with have no interest in explaining his mistake.

How did it come to that?

We're not animal psychologists right now, but maybe the dog was just really welcomed into their new home and wanted to adapt? Its owners adopted Mako from the shelter; not much is known about his past. But obviously he soon felt so safe and in good hands that he went along with the behavior of his new "family" without being asked.

Now cats are not known for being incredibly warm towards new roommates …

That's true, but the cats seem to find their new dog friend quite okay. Mako spends at least every free minute with them and takes part in their typical cat activities.

For example?

They feed next to each other on the same bowls, and when the cats start to climb through the rooms, Mako climbs enthusiastically with them.

But … dogs can't climb …?

That's true, but Mako doesn't let that discourage her. He jumps after his cats with swing, whether on the kitchen counter, the bookshelf or the living room table. Even when it comes to high heights, that can't deter him: Mako can often be found on the refrigerator, from where he climbs up onto the kitchen shelves. What cats do.

What do its owners say about it?

They think it's super cute how much their pets have become friends with each other. The unusual dog-cat team has become famous on Instagram and TikTok – because almost every day there are new crazies to be discovered, which cats incite "their" dog friends to do.