Anisha pushed aside by the other students? This sequence makes Internet users jump

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Complicated moment for Anisha after a performance that was a little too successful, and which, according to viewers, aroused a lot of jealousy…

Huge stake this week with a direct ticket for the final of the Star Academy, which will take place on Saturday November 26 on TF1. What cause a lot of tension! And even a lot of jealousy as many viewers have pointed out. Indeed, this Tuesday, November 15, the students passed their weekly assessment. Except that this week, the director, Michael Goldman, explained that five academicians will find themselves on the bench of nominees and that only one of them will have the privilege of being saved by the professors, and therefore of winning his place for the grand finale of tele-hook. But following these evaluations, a student was somewhat excluded from the team after a “too” successful performance. As MYTF1 MAX subscribers have seen, several of the budding artists have done well, including Anisha. The talented Malagasy chose to sing Show must go on of The Queen, and quite simply caused a sensation with the teaching staff, who could not help but applaud at the end of his performance… Enough to irritate the rest of the tenants of the castle of Dammarie-Lès- Lys, who did not deign to welcome Anisha.

Indeed, on her return to the living room to debrief, as is the case with everyone after each evaluation, the brunette found herself alone, to her surprise. A situation that greatly annoyed the web…”I’ve never really found Anisha put aside, but there it’s obvious, limit no congratulations, she did really well, and they are jealous it’s very sad, and Léa who tries to make fun of Anisha openly, they are very bad with her“, can we read on Twitter. But that’s not all: “Frankly, I’ve been through this stuff. The innuendo, the irony, constantly feeling left out, limiting apologizing for talking… It leaves a hole in my heart… She hurts me a lot Anisha“, “Anisha’s situation perfectly shows the society in which we live. If you’re too nice, naive and sensitive and you have talent, well, you become a victim of jealous people and the biggest plagues around you.“ also wrote some netizens.

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And the student who won his ticket to the final is…

This Wednesday, November 16 was therefore an important day for the students of the star Academy since they finally discovered who are the 5 nominees of the week, and especially who was saved by the teachers by winning his place directly for the final. Despite the jealousies around her, Anisha was not saved and is one of the academicians who will play their place during the bonus on Saturday November 19 on TF1. At his side, Tiana, Enola, Léa and Chris will also be in danger, since it is Louis who won the Grail. His interpretation of the title falling by Harry Styles has obviously made the difference. And you, who are you going to support this week?

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