Anisha, the winner of the Star Academy, makes rare secrets about her mother

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Anisha gave an interview to our Gala colleagues in which the big winner of Star Academy season 10 confides in her mother without filter.

Anisha is the big winner of the star Academy season 10. This Thursday, December 8, 2022, the one who has just won 100,000 euros as well as a contract with Sony Music gave an interview to our colleagues from Gala, in which the modest candidate opens up about her intimacy. After having surprised her fans by adopting a new style of dress, the great winner of the tele-hook of TF1 has made rare confidences about his mother. The opportunity for viewers and fans of the artist to learn more about his absence but also about the sometimes difficult childhood of the candidate.

The young woman recounts in particular her arrival in France at the age of 16 after having gone through a few complicated episodes in her family life. And when our colleagues address the question of his mother and his relationship with Anisha, the singer was rather evasive. “No, she’s somewhere… But I don’t want to talk about it”, was content to explain the modest Anisha. The young woman from Madagascar has once again shown great reserve when it comes to discussing her personal journey.

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Anisha took flight

Victorious exit of season 10 of the star Academy, the artist wishes more to transmit a message of perseverance, hope and love to the younger generations than to dwell on personal and sometimes delicate episodes of his existence. Always with modesty, Anisha was satisfied with a metaphor to close the subject of the relationship with her mother. “I jumped off a cliff…and it turns out I can swim”explains the young woman.

No question for Anisha to take the big head after his adventure. The one who took off from her island of Madagascar admits “see always like a little bird trying to fly”. And if the young woman is discreet about her relationship with her mother, she can always count on two very important women in her life. They are his 86-year-old grandmother and his aunt. Two women who mean a lot to Anisha, who ensures that she visits them every two years in Madagascar. Today under the spotlight since his victory in the star Academy, Anisha is not ready to forget where she comes from and her roots. A strong bond with her country of origin, which she had already demonstrated during the show where she presented herself with a guitar from Madagascar, which was broken in the back, but which still worked perfectly. A symbol of perseverance in the difficulty that the young woman wishes to pass on to younger generations. A message full of hope.

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