Anker launches a four-port charger with a max power of 120 W for all your fast charges

Noëllie Mautaint

December 27, 2021 at 2:44 p.m.


Anker 547

© Anker

Electronic devices requiring recharging via a port Usb-c
easily accumulate within the same household. To compensate for the unsightly pile-up of cables, Anker has just launched a multi-outlet charger.

Certainly there are already USB-C hubs of the kind, but the new block from Anker has an advantage: four ports with a maximum power of 120 W for all your fast charges.

4 ports for a maximum power of 120 W

Not everything is perfect, but it has something to appeal to techies who travel a lot or have a busy household. The Anker 547 charger is a compact unit allowing you to charge up to four devices in USB-C with a power that can climb up to 120 W shared. However, you will have to play with the configurations and do a little math.

Users will indeed have different charging powers depending on the number of devices plugged in and the ports to which they are connected. The two ports on the left are reserved for the most power hungry terminals (100 W and 60 W) while those on the right (20 W each) are intended for smartphones, which should be able to charge at a reasonable speed in any configuration.

Anker 547

© Anker

More concretely, it will be possible to connect a not too greedy laptop and a telephone at the same time. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, Anker has provided a recap that does little to alleviate the puzzle to achieve maximum charging power. The Anker 547 loader is nonetheless one of the most interesting models on the market. It will be marketed for $ 120.

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