Anker Mach V1 Ultra in the test: cordless mop with ozone and steam cleaning


The Anker Mach V1 Ultra is a mop and steam cleaner in one. The all-in-one solution convinces in the test, but also has disadvantages.

The Anker Mach V1 Ultra is a mop and steam cleaner in one. (Source: Netzwelt)

For a long time, the manufacturer Anker was mainly known for smartphone accessories, such as USB hubs or chargers. However, the range of products is constantly growing. The company sells vacuum robots, Bluetooth speakers and even projectors, among other things. Anker is also involved in the smart home sector.

However, depending on the product line, the company relies on its own brand names. In the audio area, the devices run under “Soundcore”, the beamers under “Nebula”. Household appliances in particular are marketed under the name “Eufy”. These include the Eufy Mach V1 Ultra, a wet and dry vacuum cleaner with an integrated steam and ozone cleaner. According to Anker, it should be the all-in-one solution for the household.

  1. Scope of delivery, processing, design

  2. Commissioning and operation

  3. Suction and wiping performance, handling

  4. self-cleaning

  5. battery life and volume

  6. price and availability

  7. Conclusion

Scope of delivery, processing, design

The scope of delivery of the Mach V1 Ultra is pleasantly large. In addition to the vacuum cleaner itself and the charging station, there is a replacement roller and a replacement filter, as well as a brush, floor cleaning agent and two packets of citric acid. This means that the vacuum cleaner can be used for some time before you have to buy additional accessories.

The assembly of the teat is also possible without instructions. In principle, only the fresh and dirty water tanks have to be used and the charging station connected. The power cable can be wound up at the station. As a result, there is no tangle of cables, even when connecting to low-lying sockets. It is also very compact, so it hardly takes up any space.

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The vacuum cleaner itself and all accessories are well made. Even if almost all components are made of plastic, there is nothing to complain about. Overall, the device feels valuable, which is certainly also due to the weight of just under six kilograms.

That’s design is a matter of taste. Visually, the Mach V1 Ultra looks a bit futuristic, which is also underlined by the lighting integrated under the fresh water tank. There is an LC display on the handle and a few buttons for controlling the vacuum cleaner. There is also a voice output that informs you about suction mode and the like.

Commissioning and operation

The manufacturer also has the right app for the Anker Mach V1 Ultra. This can be used to change the volume of the voice output, for example, and you can also get information about the battery status and more. The software is not absolutely necessary.

The vacuum cleaner can also be put into operation via the integrated display. The device can be set up together with the physical control buttons. You will also receive a small instruction on how to use it.

The bottom unit of the Anker V1 Ultra.

The bottom unit of the Anker V1 Ultra. (Source: Netzwelt)

The setup takes only a few minutes and is done quickly. You can then charge the vacuum cleaner on the station or alternatively get started right away. To do this, the fresh water and cleaning agent tanks must first be filled – at least if you don’t just want to vacuum.

You can then quickly and easily switch between the cleaning modes or activate the steam mode.

Suction and wiping performance, handling

The cleaning can be easily controlled thanks to the simple operation using physical buttons. You have the option of wiping with and without cleaning agent or activating turbo mode using a trigger on the underside of the handle.

In addition to the intelligent mode, in which the mop independently analyzes the degree of soiling and adjusts its performance accordingly, there is also a pure suction mode.

Overall, the wiping and suction performance is really good, but it also depends on the cleaning mode that is set. The suction power is a very decent 16,800 Pascal. However, the Mach V1 Ultra reaches its limits in pure suction mode, especially on high-pile carpets. On the other hand, there are no problems on hard floors, hair, dust and crumbs are reliably sucked in.

However, the cleaning performance is better when the wiping and suction modes work together. From our point of view, the device is therefore recommended if you have a lot of hard floors and only a few carpets.

In the suction-wipe mode, accidentally spilled juices and the like are no problem. This removes the device easily. In addition, the Mach V1 Ultra works with the so-called JetBlade technology on request. The floor is dried at the same time as it is wiped by fans. This works mediocre, but at least the floor is no longer soaking wet.

The steam cleaning mode takes around 20 seconds to preheat. This is symbolized by a red LED bar on the device that builds up – little reminiscent of KITT from Knight Rider. The 110 degree hot steam can then be released at the touch of a button. This works perfectly and helps to disinfect surfaces and loosen more stubborn stains. If the device is lifted, the steam delivery stops for safety reasons.

There is an LC display on the handle, and there is also a whole series of control buttons for cleaning.

There is an LC display on the handle, and there is also a whole series of control buttons for cleaning. (Source: Netzwelt)

However, the steam mode cannot be used on all floors; it is not recommended for parquet, vinyl and the like. This is where the mop scores with another disinfection function. In Eco-Clean mode, Mach V1 Ultra generates ozone, which is said to eliminate 99.9 percent of germs on the floor. The system is certified by TÜV Rheinland.

Practical: The dirty water in particular ends up in the collection container when mopping. However, Anker has thought along and integrated a dirt separator. This collects solid dirt, such as crumbs, and separates it from the water. Separate emptying is possible. For example, if the dirty water is poured down the drain, there is no need to worry about it becoming clogged.

But there are also weaknesses in the vacuum cleaner from Anker. You can quickly see one of them on the underside of the base unit. On one side, the cleaning roller has a distance of almost three centimeters to the side edge, on the other side it is about one centimeter. There is also a gap of a few centimeters to the front edge.

The charging station is compact and can be placed almost anywhere.

The charging station is compact and can be placed almost anywhere. (Source: Netzwelt)

In practice, this means that you cannot, for example, wipe flush to a baseboard, especially not from the front. In addition, cleaning under deep furniture is not possible because the base unit cannot be folded flat.

It also becomes difficult if the rooms are small and there is furniture, flower stands or floor-standing loudspeakers lying around. The main problem here is the size of the suction-wipe unit. Narrow gaps cannot be reached with it. This makes the Mach V1 Ultra particularly suitable for larger open areas.

Angular door sills cannot be easily crossed from the front. In our test rooms, there are door sills that are twelve millimeters high, as well as several angular metal sills that are just a few millimeters high. Here the suction cup collides head-on and has to be maneuvered backwards over it. However, there shouldn’t be any problems with rounded thresholds.

Last but not least, weight also plays a role in cleaning. The wiping vacuuming of stairs is only mediocre. On the one hand, the base unit is also too big here, on the other hand, the mop weighs around six kilograms with a full water tank.

The stand-alone function of the mop vacuum cleaner is again very practical. The Mach V1 Ultra can be placed vertically, making it easy to set up short cleaning breaks, for example to move objects out of the way.


When cleaning is complete, self-cleaning can be started at the touch of a button as soon as the Mach V1 Ultra has been placed on the charging station. The self-cleaning system takes care of the main roller and line to the recovery tank. Both are rinsed, then the roller is dried, which takes about an hour. Since the process is audible, the device should be placed in the kitchen or in the storage room so that it does not disturb.

Only the dirty water tank has to be emptied manually and the fresh water tank refilled. The detergent tank only needs to be refilled about once a month. This reduces your own involvement to a minimum. The cleaning also works really well, the main roller is cleaned very properly.

battery life and volume

The battery life is very good compared to compact cordless vacuum cleaners. According to the manufacturer, up to 82 minutes are possible in smart mode. In the test, we had no problems cleaning several rooms, hallways, bathrooms and kitchens. However, the runtime is shortened if you frequently use the turbo mode.

The working volume is also positive to mention. The device is pleasantly quiet in normal operation. A maximum of 65 decibels is reached in turbo mode, and even that is not uncomfortably loud.

price and availability

The Anker Mach V1 Ultra is currently (as of May 2023) only offered by a few retailers. You can tink it in the manufacturer’s online shop and at the Smart Home retailer, among other places.

At Eufy to offer*


At tink to offer*



The Anker Mach V1 Ultra is a good all-in-one cleaning solution, but not for all homes. The device scores with a solid overall package with many functions. The wiping and suction power is strong, and the steam cleaning function is great, especially in bathrooms or on tiles in the kitchen.

If you have to do without the latter on some surfaces (vinyl, wooden floors), you will benefit from the Eco-Clean feature with ozone disinfection. Self-cleaning and the long battery life are also positive.

The Anker Mach V1 Ultra is a powerful all-in-one solution, but it is not suitable for every household.

The Anker Mach V1 Ultra is a powerful all-in-one solution, but it is not suitable for every household. (Source: Netzwelt)

The Anker Mach V1 Ultra is particularly recommended if you mainly have hard floors in the household. If there are a lot of carpets, then we would recommend a vacuum robot with a wiping function such as the Roborock S8 or a battery-powered vacuum cleaner.

In addition, the device from Anker is only recommended to a limited extent if you have small rooms in which there is not much free space due to furniture or other objects. Here the wiper vacuum cleaner is too big and too inflexible to get into corners or under deep furniture.

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