Anker Nano II 100W: for even more power, here is the quintessence of chargers in 2022

With the advent of super fast charging and increasingly powerful mobile devices, we need increasingly powerful and versatile chargers. Here is the quintessential charger for 2022.

Anker Nano II 100W

Anker Nano II 100W

Anker, often confused with Aukey, is initially a specialist in chargers, cables and external batteries. Now, Anker does a lot more, including video projectors, headphones… but he remains a benchmark for accessories.

For CES 2022, Anker unveiled its latest charger: 2 USB-C and 1 USB-A capable of deploying a total power of 100 Watts. It can go up to 33 Watts per port, but if you plug in a laptop for example, the latter can use the 100 Watts of power. It is called Anker 736, but you can also call it Anker Nano II 100W.

Note that this Anker Nano II 100W also comes with Anker’s PowerIQ 3.0 technology to optimize charging. In addition to that, it supports USB Power Delivery 3.0 PPS.

GaN, a magic compound

This charger will replace the Anker Nano II 65W, it gains in power while maintaining a compact design and light weight. How is it possible ? These chargers use GaN (gallium nitride), a new alternative to conventional silicon-based semiconductor materials.

Gallium nitride can work with higher voltages than silicon ”, This is what was explained to Numerama when the media interviewed Jean-Louis Cotin, lecturer at Sorbonne University and specialist in semiconductor physics.

Since there is no need to lower the voltages, this allows for fewer components in a charger. At equal size, we gain power and GaN also heats less than silicon», We are therefore faced with a materialMagicwith better energy efficiency than silicon less likely to heat too strongly.

The Anker Nano II 100W will be sold for around $ 80 in the United States, we have not yet had information on its marketing in France.

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