Ann-Kathrin Götze: Furnishing tour through the new apartment – video

Ann-Kathrin finally gives us an insight into her new apartment in Düsseldorf. The 30-year-old obviously feels at home in her own four walls.

Private insights from Ann-Kathrin Götze. She shows her new apartment in Düsseldorf on Instagram. One thing is immediately noticeable: Ann-Kathrin has an eye for interior design. Warm colors and natural materials dominate the spacious apartment – and order as far as the eye can see. Let's see how long it will stay that way when a baby moves in soon.

"Mario loves interior design. He's even more obsessed than me."

The tastes of the two differ a little from each other. Mario prefers dark tones, Ann-Kathrin chooses light natural colors. The house in Dortmund, which the couple lives in, is a little more spacious than the apartment. Mario sometimes stores his numerous trophies in the in-house gym. The 27-year-old had recently signed his contract with PSV Eindhoven.