Ann-Kathrin Götze: Intimate insight into the birth history of your son

New mom Ann-Kathrin Götze looked back on Instagram with pictures from the delivery room on the difficult birth of her son Rome.

Ann-Kathrin Götze (30) reviewed her pregnancy and the birth of her son Rome in her Instagram stories. The baby was born in June as a premature baby by emergency caesarean section. The wife of professional soccer player Mario Götze (28) first posted new pictures of her son, who was sleeping peacefully on his mother's stomach. Then she let her followers know with old baby bump photos: "I really loved being pregnant. Sometimes I miss my stomach."

Very private insights

A picture from the delivery room, in which the proud father is holding his son in his arms, gives it a little heart emoji and the date of birth June 5, 2020. The other photos show her son in the hospital: Rome came in the pregnancy week 33 + 4 to the world and "was so tiny", describes Götze. Although he was healthy and doing well, it felt safer to spend a few more weeks in the hospital.

All of the clothes she bought before the birth did not fit her son at all, so that her siblings had to buy new premature baby things again, says Götze. Back then Rome wore size 46, now size 68.

Anxious early days in your own four walls

On June 24th the little family could finally go home. "No incubator, no surveillance and no tubing – at first it was a scary feeling to have him at home and not have him monitored," she recalls. But the doctors advised the couple against the latter, which the mother is very happy about today. "I share all of these private moments and feelings with you because I know that many will or have already gone through such a time," she continues. Even if the fates could be very different – no matter what happens, everything will be fine in the end.

"A nurse said to us: premature babies choose their parents wisely, because only the strongest and most loving can handle them." This sentence gave her self-confidence and she hopes it will help other parents too.

The model and the professional footballer have been a couple since 2012. In 2018, the two said yes. At the end of March, Ann-Kathrin Götze announced her pregnancy via Instagram. On June 8, the couple also announced the birth on Instagram. Mario Götze is now playing at the Dutch club PSV Eindhoven, which is why the family is moving, as the model announced in a YouTube video.