Anna by Luc Besson: have you spotted this nod to Léon?

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Did Luc Besson quote himself? The director took over as is a plan from another of his films, Léon, in Anna, his latest staging.

Anna/Leon, same fight? If the character of Anna from Luc Besson’s film has often been compared to Nikita or Lucy, it is to Léon that the filmmaker seems to have referred in his most recent work to date, carried by actress Sasha Luss .

Indeed, in her film, after an intense fight and a shooting in a restaurant, Anna recharges her batteries by taking a shower in her new hideout, waiting for her new mission to begin, in a posture reminiscent of that taken by Jean Reno in Léon:

Pathé / Gaumont

Anna / Leon

This is not the only nod from Luc Besson to his filmography since Anna takes up part of the plot of Nikita (1990) with Anne Parillaud and its American remake Code name: Nina (1993) with Bridget Founded. Thus, the character of Helen Mirren is reminiscent of that played by Jeanne Moreau in the 1990 film and Anne Bancroft in the US version.

Moreover, the general plot is similar, since it is in both cases about a young woman saved from an inextricable situation by the secret services, who give her a second chance and in which the heroine goes confronting a conspiracy from which she will try to escape.

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