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It was at the age of 23 thatAnna Cabana made the decision to leave his hometown of Montpellier to try his luck in the capital. Now 40 years old, she has a full CV since she worked on television, radio and in the written press, was the author of documentaries and published several works. The writing of Current wife invites you to discover five things to know about the political journalist.

She chose Nicolas Domenach as a mentor

When Anna Cabana arrived in Paris, she landed her first job in writing the weekly magazine Marianne. This is where she meets the man who will become her mentor in the profession: Nicolas Domenach. "She wore a vaporous outfit that evoked the seas of the South, it clashed so much with the Parisian coldness. She had a determined side, a crazy charm. Despite great shyness, she existed, had a monster cheek and spoke loudly", said the political columnist in the columns of Inrocks. Nicolas Domenach was not tender with her and regularly threw his sheets at him in the evening on the closing night, because there was no "step aside"But it was this requirement that made her a great journalist.

She voted for the first time in 2017

Bloody political journalist, Anna Cabana however never voted. "My family is not politicized. What mattered was literature. I like the characters in a novel, the tragedies … (…) My way of contributing to the citizen debate is to tell these people. I know them too well to vote for them, or against them", she had assured. Only, in 2017, during the second round opposing Emmanuel Macron to Marine Le Pen, she decided to sprain her course of action. So she will vote "by obligation, but full stop".

Anna Cabana has another passion: writing

In addition to her time-consuming journalistic work, Anna Cabana likes to relax by writing books or documentaries. She also wrote three political documentaries for the channel France 3 and published the novel Unfit to sleep alone at Editions Grasset in 2010, as well as six tries notably on Dominique de Villepin, François Hollande, Ségolène Royale, Valérie Trierweiler and Alain Juppé.

His first steps on television were painstaking

After being supported by Nicolas Domenach, she could count on Ruth Elkrief, when it debuted on BFMTV. Quickly, Anna Cabana landed a place at his side. But she had to take it upon herself to overcome her fear of the camera. "I was scared to death, I was moving all over the place and she trusted me"she said again about the journalist who works on the news channel continuously. The latter also concedes that Anna has"a great sensitivity, but she quickly understands who she is dealing with. She has a lot of flair and a great talent for political psychoanalysis"A duo that complements itself wonderfully.

Anna Cabana has been much criticized

Like all journalists who appear on television and who are interviewed by politicians, Anna Cabana is not always unanimous. In 2015, for example, she got the wrath of journalist Daniel Schneidermann who described her as a "sexual injunction to liberalism"after his intervention with Emmanuel Macron in Words and deeds. But she always assured that she stayed straight in her sneakers and did her job in the best way she could think of.

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