Anna Ermakova: “Let’s Dance” winner dances in “ZDF TV Garden”

Anna Ermakova
“Let’s Dance” winner dances in “ZDF TV Garden”

Anna Ermakova will appear in the “ZDF TV Garden” on Sunday.

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“Let’s Dance”, Cannes and then the “ZDF TV Garden”: Anna Ermakova is a guest of Andrea Kiewel on Sunday.

Almost two weeks ago, the broadcaster RTL with Anna Ermakova (23) chose his new “Dancing Star”.. After winning the 16th season of the popular dance show “Let’s Dance”, the daughter of tennis legend Boris Becker (55) traveled to Cannes, among other places, where she made a glamorous appearance as a guest at a fashion show by designer Philipp Plein (45). On Sunday, Ermakova will continue with another popular entertainment show – in the “ZDF TV Garden”.

Discofox hits and dance performances

Ermakova will probably also demonstrate her dancing skills with moderator Andrea Kiewel (57). Because, as the Mainz broadcaster announced in a program note, Ermakova will be there with her “Let’s Dance” partner Valentin Lusin (36). The announcement also states that the “ZDF television garden” wants to dance “once around the world” on June 4 from 12 noon. Kievel will not only present “international dance performances”, but also “Schlager im Discofox rhythm” is on the program.

The other guests of the presenter next Sunday include Hansi Hinteresser (69), Semino Rossi (61), the duo Fantasy, singer Laura Wilde (34) and the hit pilots.

“Let’s Dance” fans can experience Ermakova live at the end of the year. In addition to the winner, the finalists Julia Beautx (24) and Philipp Boy (35) will also take part in the big live tour of the show in November and December. as the broadcaster recently announced. Current are among other shows planned in Leipzig, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Dortmund and Cologne.


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