Anna Ermakova on the “broom closet affair”: “Difficult and frustrating”

Anna Ermakova
She talks about the “broom closet affair”

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Anna Ermakova talks about her “strange family situation” in the RTL podcast, alluding to the fact of her conception, which is commonly known as the “broom closet affair”.

Anna Ermakova, 22, is looking forward to dancing on “Let’s Dance” as a candidate from February 17th. The young woman will present herself in the popular RTL dance show for several weeks. As the daughter of tennis legend Boris Becker, 55, Anna Ermakova became famous as a baby because the circumstances of her conception were a scandal. It came from a liaison that the athlete had with Angela Ermakova, 55, and which went through the media as a so-called “broom closet affair”. At first, Becker denied everything, but when she looked like her father as a baby and a DNA test confirmed it, the reporting went into overdrive and the scandal was “perfect”.

Anna Ermakova wants to open up on “Let’s Dance”.

“Let’s Dance” is known for the fact that the participants not only present their dancing skills, but also do a little soul striptease in front of the cameras. Anna Ermakova also wants to open up and show the public who she is. In the official RTL podcast for “Let’s Dance”, the British model now spoke about his participation and his scandalous family history.

She has erected “a wall” in self-defense

The illegitimate Becker daughter lives in London and has not given many interviews in the past – for self-protection. “You want to keep some things private and you put up a wall,” she explained on the podcast. The press has been interested in her since she was born, and paparazzi used to ambush her in front of school. Anna Ermakowa spent her childhood in London and attended a private high school. “People make judgments based on images,” she notes. Angry comments can quickly be read on the Internet, but nobody would say them to your face.

“I am aware that my family situation is strange.”

The podcast also discussed the complex question of their identity. Anna explained: “I identify as German, Russian and Nigerian. That’s my cultural background. But I’ve never lived in any of those places.” She continued to explain her problem: “You really want to belong somewhere, but you can’t find your place. It’s so difficult and frustrating. A lot of people don’t necessarily understand it, it’s a really strange situation. I know that my family situation is strange is.”


Will she speak German on “Let’s Dance”?

When her participation in “Let’s Dance” was confirmed, many fans on social media were irritated and asked whether Anna would speak German on the show. In fact, the young woman is only now dealing with the language and explained in the podcast: “Everyone expects me to speak German because I look like my father (…). But if you think about it: someone has to teach you the language! And if there isn’t one when you grow up and you’re young, how are you going to learn?”

Certainly the dance show Anna Ermakova will provide the necessary platform to show people exactly that she is far more than the former baby of her parents’ famous “broom closet affair”. Namely a young woman who courageously goes her own way or will soon be dancing. We wish her every success!

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