Anna Hofbauer + Marc Barthel: Secret wedding in the Allgäu

Anna Hofbauer + Marc Barthel
Secret wedding in the Allgäu

Anna Hofbauer + Marc Barthel: Secret wedding in the Allgäu

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Anna Hofbauer and Marc Barthel got married in secret. The two have officially been a couple for three years and had their first child together at the end of 2019.

You did it: Anna Hofbauer, 32, and Marc Barthel, 31, are married. The former "Bachelorette" and the actor tied the knot on December 26th in the Allgäu and have so far been able to keep the good news to themselves.

Anna Hofbauer: Your mother trusted you and Marc

The wedding was "by candlelight and in the smallest of circles," as "Bunte" reports. She married Anna's mother, who works as a registrar. "Only the formal part had to be done by a colleague of hers for legal reasons."

By the way, on her Instagram account there is a photo of her and her mother from December 17th, on which both are wearing white and are beaming with joy at the camera. Anna thanks her mom with this photo and an emotional statement. Maybe it was some kind of rehearsal for the wedding a few days later? So far, photos of their wedding can not be found on Anna's or Marc's social media channels.

First baby Leo, now the vows

In February 2018 Anna and Marc announced their relationship with a public appearance in Hamburg. Before that, the musical actress was in a relationship with her "Bachelorette" chosen Marvin Albrecht, 32, for a few years. Anna and Marc's son Leo was born in November 2019 and has been their pride ever since. Back in February 2020 at the Berlinale, Marc said in a GALA interview that a wedding with his Anna is definitely an issue, but the two of them don't want to be stressed about it. Marc then made the proposal to Anna last summer.

Now the time was obviously ripe and Anna and Marc dared to take the big step in front of the altar. Congratulations!

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