Anna Kraft has MS: Open words about her “demon days”

Anna Kraft
“I try not to give the illness too much space in our home”

Anna Kraft

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Beautiful, intelligent and strong-willed: RTL sports presenter Anna Kraft speaks openly in GALA about her multiple sclerosis disease – and reveals how she masters everyday life as a mother of two, even on “demon days”.

If When Anna Kraft, 38, stands in front of the camera, she beams with a broad smile that is simply infectious. It is precisely this joy of life that helped her to cope with a stroke of fate that befell her around nine years ago. At that time, the RTL presenter was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis – a shock for the young woman. But she took on the fight. Her strong will had already distinguished the former athlete and multiple German champion. In the GALA interview, she reveals how she manages the illness at work and in her private life with her daughters Emmi, 5, and Milla, 3.

Anna Kraft in GALA interview

GALA: Where did you get the courage to consciously decide to become a mother?
Anna Kraft: My partner Wolff and I have looked into possible risks in detail and there are none. MS is not a classic hereditary disease. I did all kinds of tests during the pregnancy to make sure the little one was not missing anything, that was the most important thing to me.

Did you have to take your medication during pregnancy?
I stopped my infusion therapy in the fourth month. The body automatically develops a kind of protective function during pregnancy. It was the best time, I had no flare-ups, no “demon days”. My doctor said at the time: “Mrs. Kraft, now we know what will help you. You will simply have lots of children.” (laughs) But that is not our plan, we are completely happy with two healthy girls.

Anna Kraft: “I am a master of concealment”

What does a “demon day” look like?
Then I suffer from chronic exhaustion and the symptoms of my first severe attack become noticeable again: the feeling of the unpleasant tingling on the right side of my body in my arm, hand and leg.

How often does this happen?
Very different. I’m a master at concealing things, you can’t tell that I’m having a bad day. Except that I take the elevator instead of the stairs and wear sneakers instead of high heels on the show. I want to do the job – which I love – and lead a normal life.

This is how Anna Kraft separates her illness from her private life

How did you tell your daughters Emmi and Milla about your illness?
The little one can’t understand it yet, but the big one can. I try not to give the illness too much space at home. Every six months I have to go to the doctor for an infusion. Then the girls know that their dad will pick them up from kindergarten and their mom will drive them to the hospital, and then unfortunately they can’t go to the playground because I have to rest.

You and your partner are both very busy at work. Do you have support in your everyday life?
I became a mother out of complete conviction that we want to raise our daughters and not leave it to some nannies. It helps that Wolff works on the weekends and I work during the week. Now when we travel around for the European Football Championships, we are very lucky that we can rely on the grandmothers.

Anna Kraft and her husband Wolff Christoph Fuss.

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Anna Kraft to her husband: “He is the right one”

How has the illness affected your relationship?
Wolff stood by me unconditionally at all times, neither of us had a moment of doubt. In the most difficult moment of my life he stood by my side and I knew: he is the right one.

Do you have rituals despite your hectic everyday life?
The “Tatort” on Sunday. We eat beforehand with the girls and then cuddle up together on the sofa. I used to laugh at my parents for this tradition, but now I insist on it myself.

What would you say to 30-year-old Anna, who has just received her diagnosis?
Anna, this is not the end. Unfortunately, the illness will become a family member, but you can live with it and live quite well.


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