Anna-Maria Ferchichi: Baby number 9? “A nice idea”

Anna Maria Ferchichi
But still open to baby number 9? “A nice idea”

Anna-Maria Ferchichi with Laila and Djibrail


Has Anna-Maria Ferchichi not yet completed family planning? After finding her wedding invitation, the mother of eight becomes visibly sentimental – and suddenly doesn’t seem averse to becoming a mother again.

The Christmas decorations fell while unpacking Anna-Maria Ferchichi, 42, receives the invitation from her wedding to Bushido, 45. The two have been married since 2012 and have seven children together. Their triplets, all 1, were born in November 2022. It wasn’t until the summer that Anna-Maria had an ectopic pregnancy, and weeks later she explained that she felt “deep sadness” after the positive pregnancy test. She was afraid that with a ninth baby she would no longer have time for her small triplets. Nevertheless, she doesn’t seem completely averse to getting pregnant again.

Anna-Maria Ferchichi thinks about baby number nine

On the wedding invitation that Anna-Maria and Anis Ferchichi sent to their guests over ten years ago, you can see a drawing of a couple: a man in a suit stands on a ladder and brings the stars from the sky for his loved one. Below it simply says: “We’re getting married.” “He still brings the stars out of the sky for me,” Anna-Maria still raves about Bushido today. The 41-year-old admits that the emerging memories of the beginning of her marriage “kind of touch me.” And even a few hours later she is still “a little sentimental” – the thoughts that accompany Anna-Maria through the day after her surprise find are too beautiful and touching.


However, one detail is not noticed by the former bride and groom, but rather by their fans today: “It’s nine stars, but you only have eight children, one is still missing,” one user notes pointedly. Anna-Maria shares a screenshot of this message and comments: “It’s so blatant, I never noticed it before… somehow a nice idea.”

Anna-Maria hasn’t noticed the number of stars yet – her fans have.


Bushido also thinks: “With Anna-Maria and me, you just don’t know.”

Anna-Maria’s statement is most likely to surprise her followers. Husband Bushido is not averse to having an eighth child together; it would be the ninth baby for his loved one. She already brought a son from her first marriage into her relationship with the rapper. Bushido was only mentioned in a radio interview in October asked about a possible new pregnancy. And answered coolly: “With me and Anna-Maria, you just don’t know.” A “no” sounds different – ​​even with Anna-Maria!

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