Anna-Maria Ferchichi reports on the night of partying with Bushido

Anna Maria Ferchichi
Wild party night with Bushido! “He had to hold my braid”

Anna-Maria Ferchichi and Bushido


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May 20, 2024

Anna-Maria Ferchichi and Bushido report on a wild party night

If everyday life with their eight children isn’t hectic enough for Anna-Maria Ferchichi, 42, and Bushido, 45, the couple also likes to party together. According to “Bunte”, Anna-Maria reflected on a wild night on Instagram in the past few days: After meeting up with friends for dinner, the community moved on to an “exclusive club” in Dubai’s nightlife. There, at the latest, the mother of eight will have really gone over the top. “I have no idea what happened,” Anna-Maria, now sober again, puzzles later. “My husband had to hold my braid in the car on the way home, you can imagine why. It was crazy.”

But that’s not all: the 42-year-old makes a harsh judgment about her party evening. “It was undignified. The first time in 13 years that our way home was like that,” Ferchichi is quoted as saying, “the last time it happened to me was in New York in 2009.” Luckily, her lover Anis was by her side even during this little crash – and with a completely clear head. “He doesn’t drink,” says Anna-Maria.

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