Anna-Maria Ferchichi: Your Instagram picture raises questions

Anna-Maria Ferchichi
A picture in her Instagram story raises questions

Anna-Maria Ferchichi and Bushido


Unfortunately, Anna-Maria Ferchichi’s pregnancy has not been without complications so far. Most recently, she and rapper Bushido even had to fear for the life of a triplet. A recent Instagram picture now gives reason for hope.

On Monday, August 2, 2021, Bushido, 42, shocked his fans. In his Instagram story, the rapper wrote that he and his pregnant wife Anna Maria-Ferchichi, 39, may have to “bury one of their three unborn children”. Two days later, in an interview with “Bunte”, the couple revealed the whole terrible extent: One of the three girls will die because the heart is too weak. According to doctors, it should only be a matter of days.

Now, a good six weeks after this tormenting news, a photo in Anna-Maria’s Instagram story gives reason for hope.

Anna Maria Ferchichi and Bushido experience a nightmare pregnancy

The last few weeks and months have certainly not been easy for the parents-to-be. At 39, Anna-Maria is at risk of pregnancy – with a multiple pregnancy, the risk increases again. Bushido’s wife complained of complications right from the start. According to her own statements, she suffered “heavy fall bleeding” in the first few weeks. Weeks later, in early July, she even had to go to the hospital. The couple did not disclose the reason.

In an interview with “Bunte” at the beginning of August, Bushido and Anna-Maria made their pregnancy nightmare public. A new diagnosis awaits us with every ultrasound, “recalled Anna-Maria. A girl is said to be” disabled and [werde] probably not survive. “The doctor showed them two options:” Let nature do it or, in order not to endanger the other two, consciously kill one child. “The latter was out of the question for the couple.

Will their triplets make it?

Now, six weeks after the horror news, Anna-Maria is still pregnant with triplets. She regularly proudly shares pictures of her “huge belly”. Her husband even calls her “Obelix”. The presumption of the doctors that it would only be a matter of days before one of the unborn babies would die has fortunately not yet come true. Now Anna-Maria is posting a picture of the interior of her “new car” and the “Maxi Cosis” on the back seats on Instagram.

Anna-Maria Ferchichi: A picture in your Instagram story raises questions


“I’m excited @bushido,” she added. But the number of child seats in particular raises questions. There are three. A number that gives hope? Will Anna-Maria’s triplet pregnancy end well? It would be more than just to wish for her and Bushido.

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