Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine slips a small tackle to Didier Deschamps in C à vous and causes hilarity on the set (VIDEO)

While she received Didier Deschamps in C to you this Wednesday, January 12, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine let slip a small tackle towards her guest … Who has not lost her sense of humor!

Once again this year, Brigitte Macron and Didier Deschamps are teaming up for the traditional Yellow Pieces operation, a fundraising campaign carried out since 1989 for the benefit of the Fondation Hôpitaux de Paris-Hôpitaux de France. From Wednesday January 12, 2022 to February 5, you can bring your own money boxes to post offices to help hospitalized children and adolescents. It is also possible to make a donation by Internet on the site or to give 5 euros by SMS to 92 111. A new campaign launched with fanfare with a humorous clip in which the First Lady and the coach of the French team of football give the reply to Camille Combal and Denis Brogniart.

Didier Deschamps, captain of the punchlines

In order to promote the launch of the charity operation, Didier Deschamps also invited himself to the set of C to you this Wednesday January 12. But the fans of round ball being numerous at the table of the show of France 5 that evening, the conversation naturally deviated towards football. Also present at the dinner, Michel Cymes notably used his medical expertise to decipher the many injuries of top athletes. In soccer you take so many hits, you run so … There are plenty of things that make your knees loose, says the host. Before turning to Didier Deschamps, of whom he admitted to being a fan, and adding that he is obviously the exception. The coach of the Blues then responds with humor, then bursting into laughter : “Me, I kicked them so … It hurts less to give them!

The hilarious tackle from Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine to Didier Deschamps

And to strengthen his muscles, Didier Deschamps does not hesitate to do an hour of sheathing per day. The 1998 world champion admits, however, that he has not escaped injury during his career. “I had back pain. I even had an operation after having a herniated disc”, he reveals. Émilie Tran Nguyen then points out: “He stands super straight”. A remark that will inspire a small tackle to Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. “Yes, it is true that we have the impression that you have a broom in the back “, she says to her guest. Before leaving in giggles and shaking her finger, realizing that she might have gone a bit far. His comment, however, causes hilarity on the set. Same Didier Deschamps, not upset for a penny, laughs after his initial surprise, replying: “A broom in the back? It’s okay, I can sweep too. Thank you for this very representative image “. The former defender knows how to counterattack when teased.

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