Anne Hidalgo: Very rare embrace with her discreet husband Jean-Marc Germain, the mayor of Paris filled

Still others have broached the subject of their youngest son Arthur, 21, who has been talked about a lot in recent months. Author of a superb sporting achievement, since the young man swam up the Seine and alerted on ecology, he also created controversy during the presidential elections, first by refusing to vote for his motherwho had suffered a crushing defeat in the first round, then abstaining from voting in the second round and in the legislative elections.

A young man who may like controversy, but who has strong ideas and does not hesitate to defend them as he did on the set of Do not touch My TV last April:I give her love. (…) We distinguish between people and ideas. (…) What I wanted to do was make a call, for all the people who do not recognize themselves in this society”, he said.

In any case, the mayor of Paris, who is preparing for the Olympic Games in two years, remains a happy woman with her husband and her son, but also her two first children, Matthieu and Elsa, much more discreet than their little brother. Respectively a lawyer and an engineer, they are each the parents of a child.

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