Anne-Marie of Greece: She pays her last respects to her husband with a piece of jewellery

Queen Anne Marie of Greece
Emotional tribute at the funeral of King Constantine

Queen Anne-Marie of Greece at her husband’s funeral.

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The royal looks of the day in the GALA ticker: Queen Anne-Marie of Greece honors her husband with a special piece of jewellery.

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January 16, 2023

Queen Anne-Marie of Greece: Heartbreaking tribute at husband’s funeral

Queen Anne-Marie of Greece, 76, mourns her late husband King Constantine of Greece († 82). Today, Monday (January 16, 2023), numerous royals from all over Europe will pay their last respects. Anne-Marie of Greece chose a very special piece of jewelry for her husband’s funeral. On her neck she wears a pearl necklace with a striking cross pendant set with diamonds. It’s the same pendant she wore to her wedding at the tender age of 16. A deeply emotional and romantic tribute to her husband of 61 years.

Not only Anne-Marie carefully selected her jewelery for this occasion. Also queen Letizia of Spain, 50, honors her husband’s uncle King Felipe with a special piece of jewellery. She appears with a brooch with a large pearl hanging from it. This piece of jewelery is one of the most exclusive pieces in the Spanish jewelery collection and may only be worn by Spanish queens. Actually it shows Letizia with this Piece of jewelery only on state occasions, such as the national holiday. In 2017, for example, she chose the exquisite piece.

For today’s emotional occasion, the queen apparently found it appropriate.

Queen Letizia at the funeral of King Constantine of Greece.

Queen Letizia at the funeral of King Constantine of Greece.

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