Anne Nivat evokes her "complementarity" with her husband Jean-Jacques Bourdin: Current Woman The MAG

A woman in the shadows? Never ! Thursday March 11, 2021, our colleagues from Parisian presented Anne Nivat, companion of Jean-Jacques Bourdin, as the one who, in the shadows, helped the star journalist to make decisions about his career. "Behind all this, there is the shadow of his wife, Anne Nivat, a great reporter. You can't understand Jean-Jacques if you don't know Anne. She's her coach, she decides everything", then explained an employee of Altice. While several months ago, Jean-Jacques Bourdin left his famous chair in the morning of BFMTV, behind the scenes, the decision was actually made by the reporter, according to the same source: "They had agreed on a date, kept secret. Except that the management got ahead of their plan".

Anne Nivat, a fulfilled woman

Affirmations that convinced Anne Nivat. Guest of the show C to you, Friday March 12, 2021, the journalist came to present her very first comic strip. A book directly inspired by his years spent in countries at war. If she says she encountered difficulties in giving everything from her experiences in her previous books, which were only dedicated to the re-transcription of the reality of the war grounds, she seems to have felt freer surrounded by a draftsman and a scriptwriter. A job that does not prevent him from paying attention to what The Parisian said of his relationship with Jean-Jacques Bourdin. "It's very macho and mysterious to say that behind every powerful man there is a woman. But we didn't understand anything because it's not a question of power, but a question of intelligence. It is a question of complicity and complementarity. I am absolutely delighted that Le Parisien understood this complementarity between Jean-Jacques and me", she explained, before concluding:"We didn't wait for it to become fashionable so that it is like that in our relationship".

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