Anne Roumanoff: her confidences on this guilt she feels towards her daughters

Saturday January 8, 2022, on the set of Bel & Bien, Anne Roumanoff confided in the subject of her motherhood. Very absent because of her shows, she has long felt great guilt towards her two daughters.

Anne Roumanoff is the mother of two daughters, named Alice and Marie. Born from her marriage to her ex-husband Philippe Vaillant, Alice and Marie are 26 and 19 years old respectively. If they are now young adults, the two daughters of the comedian do not forget the long hours spent watching their mother work on her shows. “She’s on the radio every day, she has to write her lyrics, she tours at the same time. She writes for the JDD, she does Writer’s Digest, she writes for films … It’s a monster job. In addition, she takes care of me, of my sister. Lots of things…“, Listed Marie Vaillant, in 2019, with great admiration for the activities that the actress has had to manage for years, during an interview broadcast as part of the documentary The Mad Story of Anne Roumanoff, on C8. The actress’s daughter therefore seems to draw a balance sheet full of recognition and pride from her mother’s life.

A mother full of guilt

But when the interested party talks about her work as an actress and her role as a mother, she is not tender with herself. “I calmed down too, but I had a lot of guilt with my children when they were little, and I was leaving. When we do shows, we are not there at night. We’re not there much, in fact. I was afraid of being a bad mother “, entrusted Anne Roumanoff, Saturday January 8, 2022, on the set of the show hosted by Agathe Lecaron and Ali Rebeihi, entitled Bel & Bien. Torn by her guilt, Anne Roumanoff, at the time, tried everything to be present as much as possible for her daughters. “I did a lot of hourly acrobatics. To come home, not to sleep, to have lunch with them, to leave. In retrospect, it might not have been worth it,” she noted. A remark corrected by Christophe AndrĂ©, psychiatrist. According to him, children never forget these kinds of details …

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